Saudi Arabia To Supply $240 Million Loan For Pakistan Hydropower Task

Saudi Arabia revealed on Friday that it would be supplying a $ 240 million loan to co-finance the building and construction of Mohmand Dam in Pakistan.

The hydropower complex, situated in the northwest of the nation, is viewed as a necessary task for Pakistan’s energy security in addition to being vital for sustainable water system for farming and human usage, and flood strength.

The Mohmand Dam is a multi-purpose task that will supply 800 megawatts of sustainable electrical power capability, and make it possible for the watering of 6,773 hectares of land.

The task will increase the cropping location in the area from 1,517 hectares to 9,227 hectares, assisting Pakistan’s food security.

Pakistan is dealing with a crisis that has actually pushed its forex reserves.

The loan, co-financed with the support of the Company of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Islamic Advancement Bank (IDB), and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Advancement, will assist the country to deal with monetary difficulties by supplying a much-needed injection of foreign currency into the nation.

The Saudi Fund for Advancement (SFD) has actually been an essential partner for Pakistan and has actually funded 41 advancement jobs and programs in the nation, totaling up to around $1.4 billion in overall.

In Addition, the SFD has actually supplied oil derivatives worth more than $5.4 billion in between 2019 and 2023 to support Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan presently has a mix of primarily thermal and hydropower generation capability.

In theory, this suffices. Nevertheless, an absence of funds has actually indicated that the nation has actually been not able to utilize the complete capability of its energy sources

Subsequently, there have actually been extended blackouts, especially throughout the summer season when energy need is high.

The Mohmand Dam task will assist Pakistan to minimize this issue.

The Mohmand Dam is a necessary task for Pakistan. It will assist the nation’s energy security, supply sustainable water products for farming and human usage, and enhance strength to floods.

The loan from Saudi Arabia, together with the assistance of other worldwide companies, will assist guarantee that this vital facilities task prospers.

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