GKN Hydrogen Opens U.S. Head Office in Carlsbad

GKN Hydrogen Opens U.S. Head Office in Carlsbad

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On March 24, Cleantech San Diego member business GKN Hydrogen revealed the opening of its U.S. head office at 3246 Grey Hawk Ct. in Carlsbad, CA. The center homes GKN Hydrogen Americas sale and engineering workplaces and service center for localizing and supporting setups within the Americas market. The preliminary focus of GKN Hydrogen Americas workplace will be the advancement of the United States and Canadian markets with its services and products.

GKN Hydrogen styles, makes, markets, and offers energy storage and hydrogen storage system using metal hydride innovation that assist companies decarbonize operations throughout a series of markets. The items save energy in the kind of hydrogen within the business’s exclusive metal hydride hydrogen storage systems and is the best method to save hydrogen in a compact footprint. The business’s items are deployable throughout a broad series of scale from little business centers to commercial and energy scale setups.

The GKN Hydrogen Americas group includes experts with the disciplines of organization advancement, applications, and task engineering. The brand-new center will support the business’s growth as the personnel is anticipated to almost triple over the next 2 years. The center’s Carlsbad place permits GKN Hydrogen Americas to draw in skill from both the San Diego area along with Orange County, California.

At the Carlsbad place the HY2MINI and HY2MEDI items can be shown to show the combination of hydrogen subsystems and parts that lead to the business’s energy storage items acting like long period of time battery storage however keeping the energy in the kind of hydrogen in the best method possible– the strong state. “This Carlsbad center offers us an existence in the United States market and accelerates our efforts to offer, set up and service GKN Hydrogen items in the Americas market” stated Clark Crawford, GM & & Vice President Company Advancement GKN Hydrogen Americas.

Guido Degen, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-CEO of GKN Hydrogen stated, “We are delighted to develop our United States head office in Carlsbad and the center will assist support sales of our items in the Americas market and scale our organization operations as we continue to release our items in the area. This center will support our development and aid develop and find more of our organization operations and item assembly activities in the Americas market as we develop our organization and boost implementations.”

” We are delighted that GKN Hydrogen selected the San Diego area to find its United States head office stated Jason Anderson, President CEO, Cleantech San Diego. Hydrogen is a progressively essential factor to decarbonization of our economy and developments in storage like the GKN Hydrogen metal hydride hydrogen storage will assist drive the adoption of hydrogen, eventually benefiting the environment.”

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