Windows, Ubuntu, and VMWare Workstation hacked on last day of Pwn2Own

Pwn2Own Vancouver

On the 3rd day of the Pwn2Own hacking contest, security scientists were granted $185,000 after showing 5 zero-day exploits targeting Windows 11, Ubuntu Desktop, and the VMware Workstation virtualization software application.

The emphasize of the day was the Ubuntu Desktop running system getting hacked 3 times by 3 various groups, although among them was a crash with the make use of being formerly understood.

The 3 working Ubuntu zero-day were demoed by Kyle Zeng of ASU SEFCOM (a double totally free bug), Mingi Cho of Theori (a Use-After-Free vulnerability), and Bien Pham ( @bienpnn) of Qrious Security.

While the very first 2 were each granted $30,000 for their zero-day exploits, Pham just made $15,000 due to a bug crash.

A completely covered Windows 11 system was hacked once again at Pwn2Own, with Thomas Imbert ( @masthoon) from Synacktiv ( @Synacktiv) making $30,000 for a Use-After-Free (UAF) bug.

Finally, the STAR Labs ( @starlabs_sg) group utilized an uninitialized variable and UAF make use of chain versus VMWare Workstation for an $80,000 award.

On the very first day, Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 candidates made $375,000 and a Tesla Design 3 after demoing 12 zero-days in the Tesla Design 3, Windows 11, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle VirtualBox, and macOS.

Throughout the 2nd day, rivals were granted $475,000 after making use of 10 zero-days in numerous items, consisting of Windows 11, Tesla, Ubuntu, and macOS.

This brings the overall to $1,035,000 and a cars and truck granted for 27 zero-day exploits demoed throughout the 3 days of this year’s Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 contest.

The winners of the competitors are Synacktiv, who made $530,000 and a Tesla Design 3 automobile for their exploits.

At Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023, security scientists targeted software application from numerous classifications, consisting of vehicle, business applications and interactions, servers, virtualization, and regional escalation of advantage (EoP).

” For this year’s occasion, every round will pay complete cost, which implies if all exploits are successful, we’ll award over $1,000,000 USD,” stated.

Suppliers have 90 days to spot the zero-day bugs demoed and revealed throughout Pwn2Own prior to Pattern Micro’s Absolutely no Day Effort will openly launch technical information.

At last year’s Pwn2Own Vancouver hacking competitors, scientists were granted $1,155,000 after hacking the Tesla Design 3 Infotainment System and removing Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, and Ubuntu Desktop utilizing numerous zero-day bugs and make use of chains.

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