ADU 01201: How to Fly Safely in Areas of Heavy Magnetic Intereference

Today’s show is about flying in areas with heavy magnetic interference. 

Our caller for today, Arturo from Columbia recently started working with the local government to fly missions in the heart of the city. But flight safety is a huge concern for him as he is flying in an interference-heavy environment.

We discuss different options to help Arturo out. From flying Line of Sight to the basics of radiometry to path antennas, we cover a lot in today’s power-packed show. 

If you are a drone pilot struggling with the challenges of flying in an interference heavy environment, today’s show will particularly help you out. Tune in for some drone wisdom!

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  • [03:05] “] Do not forget to check out our forthcoming classes
  • [05:14] Today’s show is about dealing with magnetic interference when flying a drone
  • [07:22] Do not forget this golden rule when in flight
  • [08:43] Understanding radiometry can help you deal with drone magnetic interference
  • [11:58] How a patch antenna can help you fly your drone with better control
  • [13:04] Another great hack for countering magnetic interference
  • [14:45] Is it wiser to fly at higher altitudes in interference-heavy environments?

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