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Netflix officially entered the fitness content market after announcing today that it would begin broadcasting Nike Training Club courses next week and also start producing content for them. The streaming service will have a total of 30 hours of workout sessions. The programmes, which provide exercises for people of various fitness levels, will be accessible on all Netflix subscriptions in a variety of languages, across all of their plans. 

Netflix will start producing and streaming fitness content, gets into a collab with Nike Training Club 

The first round of fitness courses will debut on December 30, whereas the second round will be released sometime in early 2023. The first batch will consist of 45 episodes in all, and it will feature courses on feel-good fitness, a series on HIIT & strength training, a course on Vinyasa Yoga and a two weeks course on getting a stronger core.

For those who are not aware of the Nike Training Club app, it is the sporting brand’s in-house content service, which provides a variety of alternatives for individuals of various fitness levels, including strength training, yoga, and intense workouts supervised by Nike’s professional trainers. Nike Training Club is comparable to Peloton or Apple Fitness+ in several aspects.

“It’s not always simple to push yourself to exercise, but the chance to feel the burn and then quickly transition into one of your favourite shows does have a certain attraction,” the business stated in a blog post. And right now, you have the ability to accomplish that.

As for the content that Netflix might be producing for their fitness courses, the streaming giant is yet to finalise the finer details. However, people close to the matter have suggested that Netflix will be bringing a couple of world-class athletes from a variety of sports to shoot the courses.

This move of getting into fitness content is yet another way that Netflix is expanding outside its core offering of TV episodes and series. With the introduction of Netflix Games, the corporation entered the gaming industry

Given that many individuals will soon take up working out their New Year’s resolution, the release’s timing is probably not an accident either. Given that Netflix currently has a sizable user base, the streaming service could be able to persuade users to test out fitness content right on the website they already frequent.

It’s important to note that Netflix has already released mindfulness and meditation material from Headspace in the last year, so this won’t be their first step into health-related programming, and nor would they be the first to do so. 

Disney+ HotStar had their ‘Stream Fitness’ programme, for example, which includes ten series in total, each hosted by a celebrated personality. Amazon Prime Video had something similar but for audiences in Ireland, the UK and a few other European countries. Amazon never released those shows in other parts of the world.

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