Syra Health partners with Indiana Department of Health

Syra Health, a health care innovation business that supplies tools to examine population health, revealed it signed a 1 year $480,000 agreement to examine how current threats to public health in Indiana effect public health facilities and behavioral health.

Syra is an Indiana-based business that supplies population health tools, consisting of health equity analytical services and epidemiology-focused offerings.

The business likewise provides analytics about recognizing and resolving social factors of health utilizing information from numerous resources that keep an eye on and track health results.

Under the arrangement with the Indiana Department of Health, the business will assist determine threats that might exist to public health and the state’s health care system.

It will likewise help the state and its partners in discovering where the celebrations ought to focus their resources to produce a health network for Indiana citizens.

Must the partnership succeed throughout its very first year, the agreement consists of the capacity for a 1 year extension.

” As states battle with continuous hazards to public health such as psychological and behavioral health, we prepare for extra require comparable work,” Dr. Deepika Vuppalanchi, CEO of Syra Health, stated in a declaration.


Syra Health ended up being an openly traded business in September, opening on the NASDAQ at a stock rate of $3.00 per share. Its stock closed today at $0.96.

In November, Syra revealed it signed a five-year $275,000 agreement to take a look at the City of San Antonio’s execution of its Racial and Ethnic Methods to Neighborhood Health (REACH) job.

That exact same month, the business protected a two-year agreement with Minnesota’s Department of Human being Solutions, valued at almost $215,000, to assess the requirements of Hennepin County’s Hispanic and Latino neighborhoods and to support those requirements by executing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Solutions (CLAS) requirements.

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