Who’s Holding Up the Ivory Tower?

Claudine Gay herself finest mentioned the concern of her short presidency of Harvard. When her visit was revealed, she stated that “the concept of the Ivory Tower, that is the past, not the future, of academic community.” We need to be a “part” of society, not outside it. What is the distinction she conjures up?

The Ivory Tower is typically utilized to dismiss academic community, and the metaphor is seldom taken a look at for its virtue. Ivory is a natural compound that is unusual, valuable and pure. It’s likewise delicate: An ivory tower most likely would not stand without a mix of steel and concrete. It symbolizes a university that is certainly in society however towers above it due to the fact that it looks for to discover fact out of what society considers given. A university does not have fact as much as it honors it. Society’s interest above all is justice– the Declaration states “self-evident” facts that serve justice– and society certainly desires its justice to be real, however it does not honor fact as Harvard does by having “Veritas” as its slogan.

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