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‘ If you’re going to promote genocide, please do it respectfully.” That’s what I inform my trainees at the start of my course on war criminal offenses. I’m not exactly sure it would have discussed well in the current congressional hearings on school antisemitism. However it might barely have actually gone even worse than the real hearings, thinking about how challenging it was for some university presidents to address Rep. Elise Stefanik‘s concern on whether “requiring genocide breaks university’s policies” and how terribly their apologies played– the presidents of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania have actually because resigned.

The line gets a laugh, however trainees understand I’m severe since I state it in a speech about distinction, discourse and the factor they remain in that class. Which isn’t to devote genocide– or to stop it. They aren’t there to do anything besides find out: what the law is and isn’t, how to prosecute or safeguard war wrongdoers, what works and does not. What they make with that understanding depends on them. Some safeguard corporations. Others free oppressed neighborhoods by any methods needed. Some end up being military judge supporters, while others oppose America’s wars. On Israel and Gaza– you can picture.

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