New Jersey Q&A/ Quick Hits/Trulieve GC to Dorsey & Whitney/Colorado’s Marijuana Years

Invite back to Greater Law, our weekly rundown on all things marijuana. I’m Cheryl Miller, reporting for from Sacramento. Delighted brand-new year. Will 2024 be the year of descheduling or rescheduling cannabis? Which figure will be greater: the variety of Big Law practice releasing marijuana practices or the variety of states authorizing adult-use cannabis? Will we in fact see a marijuana banking law emerge from Congress this year? Time to discover.

Today we’re taking a look at:

  • A Q&A with NJ’s primary marijuana counsel.
  • Reports and legal action in New york city and Connecticut.
  • The Trulieve GC’s Transfer to Dorsey & & Whitney.
  • A years of legalization in Colorado.

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