Md. Court Reverses Conviction For Stopping Working to Ask Homosexuality Predisposition Questions

Taking a comparable course as the Connecticut Appellate Court, the Maryland Appellate Court concluded a high court erred by declining to ask potential jurors about prospective predisposition versus homosexuality before the start of a murder trial.

The accused, Albert M. Muldrow Jr., apparently fulfilled Martino Duffin in an online chat room and went to his apartment or condo to make love as part of a “one night stand” in March 2019. A security cam at the apartment revealed Muldrow leaving, however officers later on carried out a health check at Duffin’s apartment or condo and discovered that he had actually been shot and eliminated. Muldrow was implicated of, however rejected taking part in or eliminating his romantic rendezvous, according to the viewpoint submitted Wednesday.

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