ADU 01157: Is the DJI Crystalsky Still a Feasible Choice?

Today’s program has to do with the DJI Crystalsky.

Knowledgeable pilot and Drone U’s most recent trainer, Tom has actually employed with a terrific concern today. Thinking about the United States’s strengthening position towards Chinese business, is it still safe for you to purchase DJI devices? Particularly, the DJI Crystalsky.

Is it real that DJI Crystalsky is nearing its end of life? Can you still upgrade your apps and get appropriate assistance if you are utilizing this DJI screen to fly your drones? For all this and a lot more, tune in to our newest program now. Thanks for the fantastic concern, Tom. Fly Safe!

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  • [04:25] Today’s program is given you by PROPS, Drone U’s most recent flight school
  • [06:03] Today’s concern has to do with DJI CrystalSky
  • [08:36] Thinking about the United States’s position on Chinese business, is it still safe to purchase DJI devices?
  • [10:00] Can you still upgrade your apps on the DJI CrystalSky?
  • [13:10] Which is the very best tablet to fly your drone?
  • [14:28] Is the DJI Crystalsky nearing its end of life?
  • [14:38] What are a few of the very best usages for the DJI Crystalsky?
  • [15:33] Can you utilize the DJI Crystalsky with any other platform?
  • [17:10] Which screen does Paul utilize to fly his Inspire 1? And, why?

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