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If you wish to begin a drone company providing drone studies or own a land surveying company and wishes to include drones to your workflow, discovering the very best drone can make or break your company.

Unlike drone applications like recording, where you can utilize any drone with an excellent video camera, land surveying is delicate, and if you gather incorrect information, you might ruin a great deal of things.

For example, bad studies can result in incorrect limits and disputes, and bad measurements might trigger significant problems in building tasks.

With that in mind, which are the very best industrial drones for land surveying that you can get for your company?

The very best industrial drone for land surveying is the DJI M300 RTK (or the more current M350 RTK). The DJI Phantom 4 RTK provides the very best worth for cash. The Mavic 3 Business RTK is the best upgrade, and WingtraOne and Ebee X are the very best fixed-wing drones for industrial land surveying. The Mavic 2 Pro is the most affordable alternative.

Please keep checking out to discover why these drones made it on our list.

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1. DJI M300 RTK– The majority of flexible

The DJI M300 RTK is most likely the most flexible industrial drone for land studies due to its functions. Let’s take a more detailed look.


  • It can bring a wide variety of payloads
  • Long battery life
  • Flexible and can be utilized in numerous other applications besides mapping


  • Poor variety for long-range jobs, specifically when flying in locations with disturbance
  • The controller is in some cases uneasy to utilize for prolonged durations

Payload capability

Among the highlights that make this drone best for land surveying is the capability to deal with a wide variety of payloads.

You can get the Zenmuse H20T video camera payload that permits you to take premium aerial images that you can sew together to produce a topo map.

Or, include payloads such as LiDAR or thermal electronic cameras which can assist you gather a wide variety of surveying information without getting a various drone.

This drone can likewise bring as much as 3 payloads at the same time, enabling you to gather various information key ins one flight.

Flight time

The DJI M30 RTK utilizes TB60 batteries marketed to last 55 minutes in ideal conditions.

However having actually checked it in real operations, you frequently get an optimum of 40 to 50 minutes, which is rather long thinking about most multi-rotor drones hardly last thirty minutes in flight.

You likewise require to think about that it lasts this long when bring payloads. With 40 minutes in flight, you can survey about 100 acres prior to altering the battery.

Waypoint ability

Like the majority of business drones, the DJI M300 RTK supports waypoints where you can prepare the flight through the DJI Pilot 2 controller or submit a KML file with the flight course.

Both approaches permit you to automate the flight, and the drone will remove, follow the course while taking images, and land when it’s done.

Exporting the information gathered is likewise structured.

Challenge avoidance

Including six-directional challenge avoidance, you can have the drone fly at a low elevation given that you will make certain it will prevent challenges from all instructions.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that challenge sensing units depend on light, so they will not work as anticipated or perhaps get handicapped in low-light conditions.

Outstanding variety

Including OcuSync Business, the M300 RTK can support a variety of as much as 10 miles from the controller.

Nevertheless, if there is even the tiniest quantity of disturbance, this variety will be impacted, and you will get a lagged transmission.

It’s finest to discover a clear location to perform the flights and guarantee absolutely nothing obstructs the signal in between the drone and the controller.

RTK ability

The DJI M300 RTK likewise includes an RTK (Real-Time Kinetic) module, guaranteeing the information gathered is geotagged to centimeter-level precision.

It’s likewise developed to link to ground-based stations, enabling it to remedy the information gathered in genuine time.

As I pointed out previously, precision is type in land surveying, and the M300 RTK is developed to enhance the precision of the information gathered.

Note: DJI has actually simply launched the DJI M350 RTK, which remains in numerous methods comparable to the M300 RTK, however it includes much better variety thanks to the O3 Business, and it makes use of the DJI RC Plus controller, which is more comfy to utilize than the DJI Pilot 2 controller.

2. DJI Phantom 4 RTK– Finest worth for cash

The DJI Phantom 4 RTK is another effective drone for industrial land surveying.

While it might not have as numerous functions as the DJI M300 RTK, it has whatever you will require and is likewise rather effective if you’re trying to find your very first industrial drone however are on a spending plan.

Below are the highlights helpful for land surveying.


  • High-resolution video camera
  • It’s economical
  • Effective at gathering surveying information
  • Smaller sized and quickly portable compared to the M300 RTK


  • Minimal payload capability
  • The battery life might be restricted for huge pieces of land

High-resolution video camera

The DJI Phantom 4 RTK includes a 1-inch CMOS 20 MP video camera, guaranteeing it records high-resolution images that you can utilize to produce orthomosaics or perhaps 2D and 3D designs.

High resolution indicates you get more information, specifically if you fly at a lower elevation. If you focus on the image, you can draw out much more information than you would obtain from satellite images.

RTK module

Like the DJI M300 RTK, the Phantom 4 RTK likewise has an RTK module, for this reason the abbreviations in its name.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that there are various variations of the Phantom 4, such as the Phantom 4 Pro V2 and the Phantom 4 Multispectral, all of which have various functions.

The Phantom 4 RTK has an integrated RTK system, which utilizes real-time kinematic innovation to offer extremely precise placing information.

This information can be utilized to produce in-depth maps and 3D designs of a location or to determine ranges in between 2 points.

The drone likewise consists of a centimeter-level accuracy flight controller and challenge avoidance system to fly autonomously without human input.

The RTK module likewise permits the drone to deal with ground stations, enabling you to accelerate the information collection while keeping precision.


To even more automate the entire information collection procedure, you can likewise prepare the flight intend on the drone utilizing the DJI GS Pro or submit a KML file with the course you require the drone to take, guaranteeing proper overlaps and the right information is gathered.


The DJI Phantom 4 RTK includes a practical function referred to as TimeSync that deals with the flight controller, video camera, and RTK module at the same time.

This permits every image required to have the required metadata and geotag as quickly as it’s taken, enhancing the precision and performance of the information collection procedure.

3. eBee X Sensefly– Finest worth fixed-wing drone

Do you prepare to survey substantial systems of land? Then a multirotor drone might not be useful. A fixed-wing would make more sense, and the eBee X Sensefly is an ideal alternative.

Below are the highlights that make this drone terrific for mapping.


  • Prolonged battery life
  • Wide payload ability
  • Gathers extremely precise information


  • It’s costly ($ 13,000 without the payloads)
  • Its light-weight style makes it hard to fly in moderate or strong winds

Long battery life

The eBee X can last as much as 90 minutes in flight. Thinking about even the biggest multirotor drone, such as the M300 RTK, can just last 40 minutes, 90 minutes is rather a long period of time.

This provides you a great deal of time to study substantial systems of land prior to altering the battery.

Advanced information collection abilities

The Sensefly includes a wide variety of information collection tools. These consist of:

  • SenseFly S.O.D.A 3D video camera is developed to tilt as the drone flies, increasing its field of vision and enabling it to take precise 3D information.
  • Sensefly Aeria X is a sophisticated tool for photogrammetry including a clever direct exposure function, enabling it to record more information in one take.

    This video camera likewise has Direct InFlight Georeferencing, enabling it to geotag or include collaborates to each image taken in real-time.

    The SenseFly eBee X is developed to be as precise as possible, enabling you to gather and geotag images with centimeter-level precision without utilizing GCPs.

  • SenseFly Duet T– This is a video camera developed for thermal imaging. It can be found in helpful when producing thermal maps, such as in crop health analysis or forest fire damage analysis.

    Like the SenseFly Aeria X, images taken with the Duet T are likewise georeferenced in real-time, enabling you to map numerous acres in a day.

The SenseFly eBee X is likewise developed to deal with Sense Fly’s payloads, such as the above pointed out electronic cameras and other multispectral electronic cameras, enabling you to gather various information types by interchanging the payloads.


When you initially see the eBee X, you may error it for a toy or experiment job given that it’s made from foam. However this light-weight style is well-thought-out.

How so? In case the drone crashes, the style lessens the effect, and the only thing that gets considerable damage is the foam, which you can change.

The sensing units will frequently stay undamaged.

I saw firsthand when the SenseFly eBee X was impacted by a gust of wind throughout a training workout.

It struck a tree, and the wings were shuttered, however the sensing units were still working. We changed the foam, and the next day, the drone was functional.

4. DJI Mavic 3 Business– Finest upgrade

DJI Mavic 3 series drones are the current prosumer drones from DJI, changing how we do jobs like recording and mapping.

The Mavic 3 Business is a drone that can be utilized for industrial land surveying and is comparable to the DJI Phantom 4 RTK.

You might not require to get this drone if you currently have the Phantom 4 RTK.

However if you have the older Mavics, Yuneecs, or Autels, this is the best upgrade, and below are the functions that make it stand apart.


  • Outstanding flight time
  • Easy to utilize
  • Tests reveal that it gathers information properly enough for surveying work


  • More costly than the Phantom 4 RTK, which has a comparable output

Advanced RTK module

The DJI Mavic 3 Business includes the current RTK module that provides sub-inch level precision and lessens making use of GCPS.

Nevertheless, you can still utilize them to have some guarantee of the information gathered.

This RTK Module is connected to the drone’s top, and you will not require to include a third-party module.

Nevertheless, it works with a GPS base station, which you will require to accomplish the precision required for industrial surveying work.

Compatibility with mapping software application

The Mavic 3 Business works with a wide variety of mapping and surveying software application, consisting of Drone Deploy.

Drone Deploy has a Mavic 3 Business RTK workflow that streamlines information collection and processing.

Much better imaging abilities

The Mavic 3 Business has a bigger sensing unit, the 4/3 CMOS video camera, which guarantees you take high-resolution images even in low light conditions.

It likewise includes a sophisticated mechanical shutter, enabling you to take high-resolution images much faster.

Longer flight time

Including a flight time of as much as 45 minutes, you will have adequate time to gather as numerous images as possible. And if you have numerous batteries, you can survey numerous acres of land in a day.

Outstanding controller

The Mavic 3 Business includes the RC Pro Controller, which has a 5.5-inch integrated screen, can deal with a wide variety of apps, and has a longer life time.

Unlike the DJI Phantom 4 RTK or the Mavic 2 Pro, you do not need to utilize your smart device with this drone. You prepare the flight and extract the information through this controller too.

5. DJI Mavic 2 Pro– The most affordable alternative

I have actually utilized the Mavic 2 Pro thoroughly for the previous 2 years and can confirm that it’s still an effective drone.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that it is no longer in production and has actually given that been changed with the DJI Mavic 3 drones, however it’s still worth examining due to its substantially low cost.

You can get it for as low as $700 from resellers, making it best for anybody wishing to begin doing industrial or individual surveying work however doing not have the spending plan for the advanced drones.

Besides the expense, below are more factors to think about the Mavic 2 Pro.


  • Little, light-weight, and quickly portable
  • It’s economical
  • It’s simple to utilize


  • Minimal battery life compared to the advanced drones
  • Minimal payload capability

High-resolution video camera

The DJI Mavic 2 functions a 1-inch 20 MP Hasselblad video camera, which guarantees you take high-resolution images even in low light conditions.

The only drawback with this drone’s video camera is that you can’t zoom. If you likewise desire the zooming ability, you should get the Mavic 2 Zoom.

Compatibility with third-party software and hardware

While the Mavic 2 Pro is little to bring any considerable payloads, it can deal with a customized RTK or PPK module, which can assist enhance the precision of the information gathered.

The Mavic 2 Pro is likewise suitable with DJI Pilot and DJI GS Pro for flight preparation.

It likewise deals with mapping software application like DroneDeploy or Pix4D, enabling you to quickly gather, examine, and export drone information.

Battery life

The Mavic 2 Pro has a battery life of as much as 31 minutes. While this is not as long as that of the M300 RTK or the eBee X, you can still manage protection of substantial acres of land if you have numerous batteries.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Geared Up with a Hasselblad L1D-20c video camera with a 20MP 1″ CMOS Sensing Unit, the Mavic 2 video camera drone lets you record beautiful aerial shots in sensational color information.

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6. WingtraOne Gen II– Finest fixed-wing drone

This is another fixed-wing drone committed to offering the very best photogrammetry options for building business, mines, and farming centers.

While it’s the most costly on our list, listed below are factors you may think about getting it.


  • Gathers precise information
  • Easy to utilize
  • Advanced departure and landing and security functions


  • It’s rather costly
  • You can’t utilize numerous payloads at the very same time

Much better departure and landing

If you have actually seen the SenseFly eBee X fly, you will keep in mind that the pilot needs to toss it for it to remove.

This is not constantly simple to do, and numerous eBee X drones have actually crashed due to the fact that the pilot introduced the drone improperly.

Wingtra resolves that by developing a VTOL tail-sitting drone.

This indicates it removes like a multirotor drone, modifications to a fixed-wing when it gets to the air, then back to a multirotor when it’s time to land. This lessens the crashing and makes it much easier to manage.

High-resolution electronic cameras and payload capability

The WingtraOne drone now includes the Oblique Sony a6100 video camera, a 24MP three-axis video camera developed to take high-resolution images at 2 cm precision without GCPs.

This video camera can mapping vertical things and gathers information that can be utilized to produce precise 3D designs and digital twins.

The WingtraOne drone likewise supports a wide variety of payloads enabling you to gather various information types.

PPK ability

The WingtraOne has an integrated PPK for each video camera, enabling it to gather and remedy the information in genuine time.

Battery life

With a battery life of a minimum of 50 minutes, you can survey as much as 272 acres in a day.

While this might not be as long as the eBee X’s 90 minutes, 50 minutes suffices for a fixed-wing to gather information over substantial systems of land.


Due to the thoughtful departure, landing, and wind resistance, the WingtraOne drone is more long lasting than the SenseFly eBee X.

Still, if you crash it, Wingtra consists of a replacement “drone,” which is a total frame that you can utilize to change the harmed one and you will be flying once again in no time.

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