Drone Market Occasions May 29, 2023 

WingtraOne VTOL drone, drone industry events Wish to find out more about the drone market? This list is just a smattering of the fantastic chances to speak with believed leaders and talk about existing problems in industrial drones! Here are a few of today’s drone market occasions.

All week: Register for the Drone Soccer Program in Wilmington, DE, for Wilmington citizens ages 13– 18. Program beginning June 3.

MONDAY, Might 29:

Complete Team with Dave Krause, CEO Influential Drones and Jason Pritchard, Managing editor, eVTOL Insights– 11 am ET

https://youtube.com/live/ e6x5R2qJV4o

WEDNESDAY, Might 31:


Drone Law Links on #Clubhouse with Greg Fortier, VP, Army Service System at SAIC– 1 pm ET

https://www.clubhouse.com/ invite/3IvEVpbH

Plan ahead! Register now for the June 10 Aerial Photography and Drone Principles workshop in Winchester, MA.

This listing is used as a resource for our readers. Some occasion organizers might be sponsors of DRONELIFE, however sponsorship is not needed to take part. DRONELIFE neither makes nor accepts payment for listings. If you wish to see your drone market occasions noted, please send out an e-mail to [email protected] with “Occasion Listing” in topic. DRONELIFE reserves the right not to list occasions that do not fulfill our organizational standards.

Capture up on some podcasts and webinars here:

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