The best way to Deploy a Java Software in AWS ECS the use of Terraform

So as to deploy a Java utility into AWS ECS (Elastic Container Carrier) the use of Terraform, we want to believe a couple of various things.

Step 1 – Java Software

Create a record known as and upload the next code to it:

public magnificence HelloWorld {
    public static void primary(String[] args) {
        Device.out.println("Hi, International!");

We now want to construct our magnificence as follows:


As soon as that is executed, we will be able to bundle our utility right into a jar record:

jar cvf my-app.jar HelloWorld.magnificence

Step 2 – Dockerfile

Subsequent create a record known as Dockerfile and duplicate the next code into it:

FROM openjdk:11-jre-slim


COPY goal/my-app.jar /app

CMD ["java", "-jar", "my-app.jar"]

Observe that goal/my-app.jar on this code is the relative trail from the Dockerfile to the my-app.jar that we packaged in step 1 above.

Step 3 – Terraform

Subsequent we will be able to center of attention at the Terraform. To try this, we will be able to both create other Terraform information, however on this instance, we will be able to merely create a unmarried record known as

On this record, we will be able to first create an ECS assignment definition:

useful resource "aws_ecs_task_definition" "my_task_definition" {
  circle of relatives                   = "my-task-definition"
  container_definitions    = jsonencode([
      name      = "my-container"
      image     = "my-docker-image"
      cpu       = 256
      memory    = 512
      portMappings = [
          containerPort = 8080
          hostPort      = 8080

Adopted through an ECS provider:

useful resource "aws_ecs_service" "my_service" {
  title            = "my-service"
  cluster         = aws_ecs_cluster.my_cluster.identity
  task_definition = aws_ecs_task_definition.my_task_definition.arn
  desired_count   = 1

  network_configuration {
    subnets          = []
    security_groups  = []
    assign_public_ip = true

Step 4 – Operating the Terraform

Now we want to run the Terraform code, which we will be able to do from the terminal as follows:

terraform init
terraform observe

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