ADU 01214: Can You Grow and Scale Your Drone Organization with a DJI Mavic Air 2?

Today’s program has to do with the Mavic Air 2. Can you run a big drone organization utilizing a novice DJI drone like the Mavic Air 2?

Our caller for today, Gary from NY flies a Mavic Air 2. However he is intending on updating to a bigger, more pricey drone considering that he can not handle a number of the rewarding tasks out there.

On today’s program, you will find out how your drone can affect your capability to grow and scale your organization to the next level. As an included perk, Paul opens his sales playbook, and exposes the value of cultivating an outstanding frame of mind to be effective as a business owner.

This is a program you do not wish to miss out on.


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  • [01:17] Required aid growing and scaling your drone organization? Take a look at our brand-new classes now
  • [01:13] Today concern has to do with utilizing the Mavic Air 2 for an industrial drone organization
  • [03:08] Viewpoints on the Mavic Air 2 from a fellow drone pilot
  • [04:14] Can you truly scale your drone organization if you are flying a Mavic Air 2?
  • [06:52] What is the something without which you can not grow and scale your drone organization?
  • [07:46] Paul opens his sales playbook
  • [09:56] The tiered technique to purchasing drones for pilots
  • [10:32] Reasons That the Mavic 2 Business is a great starter drone for your assessment organization
  • [12:16] Drone U Recommended drones for an industrial drone organization

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