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What is Microsoft Engage Program?

The Microsoft Engage Program is a virtual program that supplies individuals a remarkable chance to get in touch with skilled Microsoft workers and get important hands-on experience with Microsoft’s newest innovations and tools. The individuals get to communicate with Microsoft coaches, leaders, and interns throughout the course of the program, and get a chance to interview and intern with Microsoft India based upon efficiency throughout the program.

Microsoft Engage Program

What occurs in mentorship?

Trainees picked for the program will be coupled with a Microsoft coach who will direct them through a range of jobs and obstacles. Throughout the 4 weeks, the mentee will have the opportunity to establish brand-new abilities, improve existing ones, and get feedback and assistance on their development. They will have the opportunity to deal with real-world tasks that assist them establish their abilities and get useful experience. In addition to the mentorship sessions, the program might likewise consist of workshops, workshops, and other finding out chances developed to improve the mentee’s experience and understanding.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Graduation year: second year
    * In some previous years, the program was likewise performed for 3rd-year trainees, so it deserves examining if that will hold true once again in the future.
  • CGPA: 6 and above( can differ)
  • Course: B.Tech/ B.E/ M.Tech/ Double Degree/Related Degrees are qualified
  • Branch: Any
  • No pending stockpiles

This program is performed just when each year, so if you are late/not picked this year, you will not be qualified next year.

Period of program:

Mentorship will last for a duration of 4 weeks( generally June-July).

Application Process:

The application procedure for the Microsoft Engage Program is a 3-step procedure. Registration for the program generally begins in the month of April.

  • Resume Shortlisting stage (recommendations are not suitable). Trainees who are shortlisted based upon their resumes then proceed to the Online Evaluation stage, which includes 2 online tests. If you meet the requirements, you will get a link for Online Test 1.
  • Online Evaluation 1 included 10 MCQ concerns to be fixed in thirty minutes. There are several concern sets and ratings are stabilized appropriately. Generally there will be some Several Option Concerns based upon Computer technology and Standard DSA– Stack, Line, Trees( primarily traversal algorithms), Arranging, Binary Browse, Concern Queues, and so on
  • Online Evaluation 2 will be more of a puzzle round where you might be asked to supply an option to an algorithmic puzzle or evaluate brief blocks of #programming language/pseudo code. Time intricacy analysis is the primary subject here. You will be needed to supply a typed description for the concerns.


  • Standard understanding of fundamental computer technology principles, information structures, and algorithms would be helpful for the Microsoft Engage Program.
  • There are no particular courses or certifications needed to request the program although familiarity with ideas such as varieties, stack, queue, browsing, arranging, trees, top priority lines, and so on, and time intricacy analysis work to understand.
  • In addition, understanding of computer technology principles, in addition to the analytical abilities to evaluate code blocks or pseudo codes, can be of terrific assistance throughout online tests.

Ideas to increase the opportunity of getting picked:

Absolutely nothing can really ensure your choice however you can keep a look at a couple of points:

  • Attempt to develop a great resume- include some tasks, and highlight your accomplishments and abilities.
  • For online evaluations, you must be clear with the fundamentals of CS and DSA. Check out previous experiences to get a concept of what kind of concerns are being asked.
  • An excellent understanding base of Information Structures & & algorithms and fluency in a minimum of one programs language can certainly make an effect.


Based upon your efficiency in the task structure, and coach feedback, there may be:

  • Direct SWE internship at Microsoft.
  • Interview chance for SWE intern function.
  • No internship/interview chance.

Last Upgraded:
10 May, 2023

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