The Nest Locator Tag might be Google’s AirTag rival

Google Nest Tag with Nest Secure

Aamir Siddiqui/ Android Authority

Google Nest Tag with Nest Secure


  • An icon identified within Google Fonts shows that Google’s AirTag rival might be coming quickly under the Nest branding.
  • It might be called the “Nest Locator Tag” and might look like the Nest Tag that is consisted of with the Nest Secure.

Android actually requires a fantastic AirTag option, one that can utilize the large bulk of Android gadgets in the very same method the Apple AirTag leverages all iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Leakages in the past have actually shown that Google is dealing with a tracker that might work along the very same lines. This tracker might introduce under the Nest branding, and we have actually now found out that it might be called the Nest Locator Tag.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user neil_rahmouni identified that Google Fonts currently consists of an icon for an unreleased “Nest Locator Tag.” The icon for the Nest Locator Tag is the very same as that for the Nest Tag, which is an already-released item that is consisted of with the Nest Secure.

Image 019

The existence of this icon indicate 2 possibilities.

One, Google might call its AirTag rival the “Nest Locator Tag.” Previous leakages had actually pointed out that the tracker was being established by the Nest group, although the leakages likewise pointed out that the item might introduce under any branding. The existence of a property on a main Google site provides us self-confidence that Google will likely stick to the Nest branding.

Google Nest Tag

Google Nest Tag

2, the Nest Locator Tag might look like the Nest Tag. The end product measurements might be various from the Nest Tag. However there’s a possibility that Google’s tracker might keep the basic appearance and percentages of the Nest Tag.

There’s likewise a 3rd possibility of Google Fonts simply including this icon as a placeholder. Nevertheless, there’s no genuine factor or advantage in consisting of a placeholder name and icon on Google Fonts. Font styles and icons present on Google Fonts are free-to-use and open-source. If Google wishes to safeguard an unreleased possession or resource and keep it concealed, it can pick to just not publish it instead of publish a placeholder.

In either case, we intend to discover more about the Google Nest Locator Tag in the future. Google’s place tracker is codenamed “grogu,” and is stated to support UWB and Bluetooth Low Energy. It is reported to be among the items that assists construct Android’s “Finder Network”. Possibly we’ll see it at Google I/O? It has to do with damn time currently.

Thanks to Mishaal Rahman for the idea!

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