Which EVs are V2G suitable?


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Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) innovation enables electrical lorries( EVs) to transport electrical power back to the grid.

This innovation utilizes battery chargers that link EVs and their batteries(* )to the grid by means of a bi-directional power circulation, offering your car with tidy, renewable resource. Since 2022, numerous significant car manufacturers, such as Nissan, are dealing with establishing V2G-compatible EVs.

In this post, we take a look at the EVs you can plug into a V2G battery charger. Furthermore, we go over the advantages of V2G charging and how it can assist you conserve cash.


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What is V2G?

Vehicle-to-grid innovation

describes an electrical car’s capability to communicate with and channel power back to the grid. This connection enables EVs to function as mobile energy storage gadgets, offering an important resource for energies as they work to stabilize supply and need on the grid.

To make the most of V2G innovation, an EV should have numerous innovative functions, consisting of:

Smart charging.

  • Bi-directional battery chargers.
  • The capability to interact perfectly with the grid.
  • Furthermore, V2G suitable vehicles need to hold a big quantity of energy to make significant contributions back to the grid.

A summary of V2G-enabled lorries

3 essential functions identify an EVs capability to be V2G suitable:

Power supply

  1. : The grid should have the ability to gain access to this with ease. Reputable interaction system
  2. : This enables the grid to track and access the car’s power. High-precision measurement system
  3. : This precisely tracks the power being sent out. A normal electrical grid system includes a one-way circulation of electrical power. Nevertheless, in a wise grid system, electrical power streams in between the generators and the grid and from lorries back to the grid by means of two-way connections.

Source: Journal of Undergrad Research Study

Smart grid system that allows for V2G charging.
This is possible thanks to mobile networks or web connections, which enable the

Independent System Operator (ISO) to send out demands straight to lorries that have actually chosen in to get these demands. In Addition, the ISO might call fleet operators managing big car park with considerable varieties of electrical lorries, who then offer power back to the grid.

Which vehicles are V2G suitable?

Since 2022, just the Nissan Leaf has V2G innovation, which is gradually altering.

There are, nevertheless other EVs that use comparable innovation. They are:

Vehicle-to-home (V2H): Ford F-150 Lightning.

  • Vehicle-to-load: Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, and the Mitsubishi Outl
  • a nder PHEV. Presently, the Nissan Leaf ZE1 is the most popular V2G-compatible automobile readily available. It includes a requirement

CHAdeMO EV charging cable television that enables it to connect to the grid. Now, let’s take a better take a look at the V2G ability of the Nissan Leaf ZE1.

Nissan Leaf ZE1

Source: EV Database

Nissan Leaf ZE1
The Nissan Leaf ZE1 utilizes innovative battery innovation to keep energy from sustainable sources like solar and

wind power With its 40kWh, 260V battery pack, and effective electrical motor, this second-generation EV provides effective efficiency, charging rapidly through either a 6.6 kW plug or a 50kW CHAdeMO plug.

In spite of its fairly plus size, the weight of the battery is just around 661 pounds (300 kg), making it effective and economical.

Source: Professors of Electrical Engineering and Computing: University of Zagreb.

CHAdeMO EV charging coupler and inlet.
Source: Nissan

The Nissan Leaf ZE1 enables you to release energy by means of the CHAdeMO port at a capability restricted by the battery charger. To interact with the battery charger, the Nissan Leaf utilizes an Open Charge Point Procedure (OCPP 1.6), which allows it to check out information and change power settings as required.

V2G effectiveness tests

The bidirectional battery charger lets you quickly manage the power entering or out of your automobile. This varies from -10 kW (for releasing) to 6.6 kW (for charging).

A series of effectiveness tests study the energy losses related to V2G. These tests include completely charging and after that releasing the Nissan Leaf’s battery.

Numerous essential aspects affect energy losses, consisting of state of charge, temperature level, and charge rate. The outcomes assist notify techniques for decreasing energy usage in V2G systems.

Test result

The charging and releasing effectiveness of the Nissan Leaf’s battery increases with increasing test power setpoint. The charging and releasing performances are roughly 90%, while the round-trip effectiveness is approximately 80%.

Lower currents hurt the effectiveness of battery charging and releasing, highlighting the significance of optimum existing management for effective EV battery efficiency.

The battery charger highly affects effectiveness and differs extensively depending upon aspects such as devices setup and power levels. Each round-trip cycle loses 8kWh, adequate power to run a typical home daily.

While there is space for enhancement, this effectiveness level is decent. It suggests that utilizing the Nissan Leaf’s battery for keeping renewable resource sources can be a practical alternative for lots of applications.

What are the advantages of V2G vehicles?

V2G vehicles include a bidirectional charging system that enables them to charge from the grid and discharge to the grid. As such, they offer numerous advantages to both people and society.

Cost Savings

  • : V2G vehicles can assist you conserve cash on your electrical costs by funneling energy back to the grid throughout high need when electrical power costs are greatest. Grid stability
  • : These vehicles assist enhance grid stability and resiliency by offering energy throughout peak need. They likewise offer energy when there is an unexpected drop in power generation from sustainable sources. Lowered emissions
  • : This innovation decreases emissions from the transport sector by displacing fossil fuel-powered lorries. How you can utilize V2G to increase the worth of your financial investment

EVs include a high in advance expense. V2G can assist offset this by offering a source of extra earnings.

As formerly discussed, V2G can likewise assist support the grid throughout peak need. You might make the most of this by offering electrical power back to the grid throughout peak hours.

Let’s not forget that V2G can assist enhance air quality by lowering hazardous emissions. By offering your electrical power back to the grid, you’ll assist make the grid cleaner and more effective.

How to select a V2G-compatible EV

Here are some aspects to think about when selecting a V2G-compatible EV:

The quantity of energy you require to shop

V2G-compatible EVs can be found in a range of sizes. The designs differ from a smaller sized automobile that can keep 5kWh of energy to bigger designs that can accumulate to 30kWh.

Eventually, it is necessary to select a design that fulfills your requirements.

Kind of batteries

V2G innovation deals with both

lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries Some V2G-compatible EVs featured one kind of battery, while others enable you to select in between the 2. Consider your spending plan and your requirements when deciding. The cost

V2G-compatible EVs can be more costly than standard EVs. Element this into your spending plan when making your purchase.

Your house’s electrical system

V2G innovation needs a bidirectional battery charger set up by a certified electrical contractor. Make certain to have this system in location prior to you buy your V2G-compatible EV.

Difficulties with V2G innovation

This idea can possibly reinvent how we power our houses and organizations. Nevertheless, we need to conquer numerous difficulties prior to extensive adoption of this innovation is possible.

Initially, the V2G vehicles require a

established facilities This consists of producing charging stations to accommodate V2G vehicles. 2nd, V2G vehicles require to be

more cost effective Presently, batteries and other V2G-related innovations are excessively costly for lots of customers. Lastly, V2G vehicles require to be

more dependable V2G vehicles will play a substantial function in powering our houses and organizations. For that reason, they need to have the ability to deal with the needs of everyday usage. Conquering these difficulties will be necessary if V2G is going to understand its complete capacity.

Last ideas

V2G vehicles have the prospective to offer numerous advantages for people and society as a whole. They can assist you:

Cost Savings

  • : Minimize your electrical power costs by funneling energy back to the grid throughout times of high need. Stability
  • : Improving grid stability and resiliency. Emissions
  • : Minimizing emissions from transport. That stated, while this innovation can reinvent how we power our houses and organizations, there are numerous difficulties we require to conquer for this idea to end up being mainstream.

Absence of facilities:

  • This consists of establishing charging stations to accommodate these lorries and dealing with energies to develop a market for their created energy. Cost:
  • V2G vehicles are usually more costly than standard lorries, making them out of reach for lots of customers. Dependability:
  • V2G vehicles need to be more dependable to deal with the needs of everyday usage. To conquer these difficulties and completely understand the advantages of this innovation, we’ll require to invest time and resources into investigating and establishing brand-new options.

However in the end, it might be worth it, as V2G has the prospective to assist us minimize our dependence on nonrenewable fuel sources and enhance sustainability for future generations.


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