Definitions, 8 Types and Examples

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

Whatever we say or write can be considered “Speech” and all the words which have been used in that speech has a role which is referred to by Part of Speech. There are different roles a word can play, thus there are different parts of speech. In total, there are 8 parts of speech.     

What is a Part of Speech?

The English language has thousands of words and every word has some function to perform. Some words are there to show action, some to join, and some to name something. And together, all the functions performed by words in the English language fall under Parts of speech.           

8 Parts of Speech Table

Types Function Examples Sentences
Noun Refers Things or person Pen, Chair, Ram, Honesty

Cars are expensive.

This chair is of wood.

Ram is a topper.

Honesty is the best policy.

Pronoun Replaces a noun I, you, he, she, it, they

They are expensive.

It is of wood.

He is a topper.

It is the best policy

Adjective Describes a noun

Super, Red, Our, Big, Great


Super cars are expensive

Red chair is for kids

Ram is a class topper.

Great things take time.

Verb Describes action or state Play, be, work, love, like

I play football

I will be a doctor

I like to work

I love writing poem.

Adverb Describes a verb, adjective or adverb Silently, too, very

I love reading silently.

It is too tough to handle.

He can speak very fast.

Preposition Links a noun to another word at, in, of, after, under,

The ball is under the table.

I am at a restaurant.

she is in trouble.

I am going after her.

It is so nice of him

Conjunction Joins clauses and sentences and, but, though, after

First, I will go to college and then I may go to fest.

I don’t have a car but I know how to drive.

She failed the exam though she worked hard.

He will come after he finish his match. 

Interjection Shows exclamation oh!, wow!, alas! Hurray!

Oh! I got fail again.

Wow! I got the job.

Alas! She is no more.

Hurray! we are going to party. 

8 Parts of Speech Examples with Sentence


Examples: Luggage, Cattle.

Sentence:  Never leave your luggage unattended.

In some places, cattle are fed barely.


Examples: who, either, themselves

Sentence: I know a man who plays the guitar very well.

Either of the two cars is for sale.

They enjoyed themselves at the party.


Examples: kind, moving, wounder.


She is a kind person.

Boarding a moving bus can be dangerous.

Never poke a wounded animal.


Examples: Praise, Hate, Punish

Sentence: She always praises her friends.

I don’t hate anybody.

The boy has been punished by his teacher


Examples: Always, enough, immediately

Sentence: we should always help each other.

We should be wise enough to understand what is good for us.

We should leave bad habits immediately.


Examples: Off, Below, From. to


He plunged off the cliff

I live below the 9th floor.

I travel daily from Delhi to Noida.


Examples: whereas, as well as, so, 

Sentence: The new software is fairly simple whereas the old one was a bit complicated.

The finance company is not performing well as well as some of its competitors.

He was ready so he may come. 


Examples: oops! whoa! phew! 

Sentence: Oops! I forgot to mention her name.

Whoa! you drive fast. 

Phew! That was close call, we had a narrow escape.

Parts of Speech Quiz

Choose the correct Parts of Speech of the BOLD word from the following questions.

1. Let us play, Shall We?

       a. Conjunction

       b. Pronoun

       c. Verb

2.  It is a good practice to arrange books on shelves.

      a. Verb

      b. Noun

      c. Adjective

3. Whose books are these?

      a. Pronoun

     b. Preposition

     c. verb

4.  Father, please get me that toy. 

     a. Pronoun

     b. Adverb

     c. Adjective

5.  His mentality is rather obnoxious.

     a. Adverb

     b. Adjective

     c. Noun

6.  He is the guy whose money got stolen.

      a. Pronoun

      b. Conjunction

      c. Adjective

7. I will have finished my semester by the end of this year.

      a. Interjection

      b. Conjunction

      c. Preposition

8. Bingo! That’s the one I have been looking for

    a. Interjection

     b. Conjunction

     c. Preposition

Quiz Answers

1. c,  2. b,  3. a,  4. c,  5. a,  6. b,  7. c,  8. a

FAQs on Parts of Speech

Que 1. What are Parts of Speech?

Ans. A word is assigned to a category as per its function, and those categories are together known as Parts of Speech.

Que 2. What are the 8 Parts of Speech?

Ans. Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection.

Que 3. How many Parts of Speech are there?

Ans. There are a total of 8 parts of Speech.

Que 4. What Part of Speech is “our”?

Ans. Adjective. Eg. Our car.

Que 5. What Part of Speech is “Quickly”?

Ans. Adverb. let us understand it with this example – Milk sours quickly in warm weather.


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